7 types of Loans for people with Bad Credit.

May 3, 2018 Lilian Kennedy 0

Sometimes it’s difficult to get access to loans more so the secured loans.  There are people who actually need the loans and the credits as well but they are also the ones who gets the hardest time to get aces to them again. If someone has a poor credit score, someone may think it’s impossible to get to a loan, whether that loan will be used for emergency repairs for example a car, home repairs, emergency medical bills and other emergencies. Don’t think that if you have been denied credit in some time past, you think that you will also be denied to secure a loan or the mortgage. Irrespective of the others you have very many other borrowing options than you may think. The following are some of the best types of loans for people with bad credit Loan from a family member or a friend. Sometimes borrowing money […]

8 Important Decisions to Make Before Buying a New Car

December 2, 2017 Lilian Kennedy 0

Buying a new car can be a big decision. For most people, buying a new car is the second most expensive purchase they will ever make. Because of this there are a ton of things you should consider before making the leap and buying a car. The last thing you want is to spend a bunch of money you don’t have on a car or truck that you thought you wanted but turned out to be far from it. Here I will give you some tips of what things you should think about before making your big purchase. 1. Establish Your Budget This one should go without saying but some don’t realize how important this actually is. You need to know exactly how much you can spend on a car. You should know how you are going to pay whether it be cash or check. The last thing you want […]